Wedding Trends

I’m in love with all the wedding trends for this year, 2014. Some of this year’s wedding trends are romantic, elegant, and green. From dramatic settings, interesting architecture to soft, serene and romantic when it comes to location. For flowers and décor we are also seeing a transition from pale and neutral to vivid color palettes and lighter tones found in nature. Some colors that are trending for flowers are ranging from blue, being the most popular.

Plum: dark purple still trending this year, and green, giving it an organic, eco-friendly feel. Wedding fashion is also having a big shift this year, brides and grooms are opting for a not so traditional look but towards something more unique. This really allows each couple to really showcase their personality and style.

I personally love seeing weddings where the couple put their stamp and really show their style not only on their décor but also on their attire.So if you just got engaged and are planning to get married this year, have fun exploring all the hot, new trends for this year and don’t forget to put your personal spin on your special day.