Engagement Season

Congratulations, you just got engaged!! Take a moment enjoy it and let it sink in for a bit. You might want get this panicky feeling of now having to plan your wedding but guess what you don’t have to worry about that just yet.  This is the time to enjoy and share these exciting news with all your loved ones and yes taking shameless ring selfies because hello you just got engaged!!!!  Here are a few wedding planning to-dos you can do later.

Call your parents and close family/friends. 

Before you do anything, take a moment and call those that are special to you and share the news with them! They will love and appreciate hearing the news directly from you both rather than thru any social media outlet.  Also is you know who your girls will be, call them and let them be excited with you.  You don’t have to ask them to be your bridesmaid just yet but do share the excitement of the moment.  After you have shared with all your loved ones and important to you, so ahead and share on social media if you wish to do so…Instagram be ready to be flooded with images!


Protect your new ring. 

Your ring is more than just a new accessory and it’s more than just a sentimental piece, it is an investment and your fiancé will definitely feel the same way.  Protect it by getting it insured.  Here is an article from The Knot that breaks down the Engagement Insurance 101 to help you out with this process.

ring details-unsplash.jpg

Set the date/season.

This will help you narrow down venue and vendors knowing when they need to be booked and if they are available for your wedding.  After being asked: “How did he proposed?”  “Can I see the ring?” you will get asked “when is the wedding?”  so pick a date and start narrowing down plans.

June, August, September and October are usually the most popular months so keep that in mind when choosing your date and how much time you have to book your vendors.  Winter wedding are becoming popular and can be a beautiful options if you get creative and plan ahead.


Discuss Basics

Create a guest list: think of who is important for you both and who you would love to share this special day with.  Discuss and set a budget and think of which area you would like to get married.  These factors may require conversations with family, which is important to have before you make all these decisions.


Choose your vendors.

If you have a venue, caterer, florist you have been eyeing and would love to have for your wedding, most likely is that other recently engaged couples do to.  So don’t delay and reach out to them before they get booked!


Pinterest Away.

Lets be honest, you probably already have a board with your wedding planned: colors, decor, venue.  Great job for being a dreamer and planning ahead, you have saved your self time and stress by having this already done.  But don’t let that hold you back from adding a few more pins here and there.  And just in case you are a rare gal that are not on Pinterest yet, here are my Pinterest boards I have created to give you some inspiration and get you started.


Go Shopping.

This is the fun part, you probably already have an idea of the type of dress you would love to wear for your special day.  That is a great start but now you have to go and actually try dresses to get a better idea on how they fit your figure.  Have fun and enjoy this part with your mom and girls as you get to try all those gorgeous gowns!!


Hire a planner. 

Trust me you will be glad you did!  Having decided all your basics and having an idea of your design inspiration , a planner will help you to bring that inspiration into life and take the stress away leaving you with time to sit back and enjoy these special moments.  Your planner will also be able to provide insight on decisions you may be struggling with and help you narrow down choices which will make things so much easier for you.  So if you haven’t booked one yet, make sure you fill the contact page and I will be more than happy chat with you.


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