Why Hire a Videographer?

We live in a time of instant gratification, don’t you agree? So what would be more satisfying that being able to relive your most precious wedding day with a video!

Here I’m including a few questions you can use to decide who would be your best fit:

  1. What got you into filming? What is your favorite part of filming weddings?
    1. This will give you a great idea of his passion and what drives him and make a connection on his style and yours. This will be a video you watch for many years to come and you want someone that will be as involved and passionate about it as you are.
  2. How would you describe your style?
    1. For filming there are two styles: documentary , cinematic or a mix of both. You will want to get a sense of his/her style and make sure their style aligns with yours. Ask for samples of their work that will allow you to see how professional they are and the kind of work they do.
  3. Have you worked with my photographer? Are you familiar with him/her?
    1. Photographers and Videographers work closely throughout your event to capture every moment in the best way possible. Being familiar with each other and styles will allow them to work seamlessly together. If they have never worked together, it’s okay, just make sure they have a chance to meet beforehand to talk about their format and how they want to capture that night.
  4. Will they have a second shooter, a stationary camera or any other backup cameras around for your wedding?
    1. A second shooter, or a backup camera will allow for him/her to capture more moments throughout the night. Without it, it can be nearly impossible for the videographer to capture every moment on camera. Most packages include a second shooter but its always best to double check.