Micro Weddings vs. Minimony

Micro Wedding vs. Minimony which one would you choose?

2020 has brought many changes to our lives and how we do things. However, many couples are choosing to move forward with their celebrations. Remember love is not cancelled!


Simply put is a mini ceremony. A minimony is considered a commitment ceremony between the both of you, and it can also include your loved ones. Usually up to 10 people, while maintaining the social distancing guidelines. A minimony would allow you to have the same experience as your original wedding but on a smaller scale. It would include your original handwritten vows, your first dance, your beautiful flower arrangements (at a smaller scale) from your florist, a mini wedding cake by your pastry chef, snapshots of details curated from your original plan, your photographer capturing this special day at a safe distance.


A micro wedding is a smaller celebration that typically includes a guest list of up to 50 guest, usually immediate family and very close friends. A micro wedding is a great option from a big, traditional wedding, that will allow you to have your celebration without compromising your style. Although a micro wedding can save you money from a traditional wedding, this is not the time to cut corners. This type of event allows you to turn your celebration into a macro experience not just for the both of you but for all your guest. Imagine an intimate savory sit-down dinner, top-shelf open bar, beautiful floral arrangement, and a decadent cake for your nearest and dearest. All these personal details will allow you to create an event that will be memorable for you and all your guest.

Whether you are choosing a minimony or a micro wedding, a smaller wedding and fewer expectation will allow you to be more flexible and creative. It will really allow you to curate your wedding to fit your style and you won’t feel the pressure of including any traditions that don’t resonate with you. Smaller weddings allows you to choose a location that truly means something to you and include those that you love. It will allow you to prioritize quality time with each and every one of your loved ones at your event. With a microwedding or minimony you will be able to remember your wedding day in a way that is truly yours.