How To Graciously Uninvite Guest

Typically this is something that we wouldn’t event talk about, because we all know that uninviting someone that already received a save-the-date or wedding invitation is in poor taste. That would just be impolite generally speaking, but we all know that we are not in any traditional of typical situation right now, 2020 has been far from traditional or typical. So having that in mind and all the changes this year has brought on your wedding plans, uninviting guest come with the territory.

How To Uninvite a Guest Due to Unforeseen Circumstance (umm like covid19)

The most important key is to communicate with your guest as soon as possible. Remember is how you communicate with them that will make a difference, so openly communicate with them in a tactful and thoughtful manner. Be honest but compassionate when you communicate with them.

Share with them how difficult this decision was to make after considering all the options and how your main priority is the health and safety of your loved ones. Keep your explanation brief and concise, there are many factors that played into this decision but you don’t need to explain them all.


Sharing these new in person would be ideal, but for obvious reasons that is not possible. So the next best thing to do is to pickup the phone and reach out to those guest you will no longer be able to host at your wedding. Sending an email is an options but make sure you follow it with a personal call.

Another option is to make a video explaining your new options and the need to hold a much smaller, intimate celebration that what you originally had planned and link it to your wedding website, along with a thoughtful message for all your guest to read and know the new arrangement. If you plan to have a larger celebration when it is safe to do so make sure you let them know you will love to have them there to celebrate together.

You will be surprised how many of your guest will understand and will be supportive in your decision due to this pandemic. No one said it better than The Beatles, “all you need is love.” specially this year!