Giving Makes You Happy

This year has been unexpected to say the least, but in a way I’m so grateful for all the things it taught us and adjustments that it brought upon all of us. If you are a couple that had your wedding planned for this year, I’m sure you were getting all the emotions trying to figure out how to adjust and move forward with your original plans. Jon and Carried were one of those couples.

Quick backstory; this all started as a styled shoot! I reached out to this amazingly talented group of creatives that I was dying to work with and some that I had the pleasure to work with again like Jenny from Jenny Fu Studios. Once you see these pictures you will know why! I was thrilled when things started falling into place and I had a fantastic list of vendors, I figured if this year is going to throw all our plans out the window, why not take advantage and create something beautiful while we have ‘mandatory downtime’. So plans were set and the vision was coming together pretty nicely, if I can say so myself, but I found myself sitting on my couch looking at it and thinking “This would actually make a gorgeous setting for a wedding!” (insert light bulb emoji) Why not gift this to a couple that has been affected by this crazy pandemic?!?!?

So I reached out to the dream team and shared what I thought was a crazy but amazing thought and they loved it. It was so nice and refreshing to see how fast they got on board and were excited about the idea of making someone’s day not only happen but beautiful and memorable for them. Meghan from Lace and Belle, even made for them a laser engraved elopement sign and and wrote ou their vows in beautiful calligraphy for them to have as keepsake. Check out her blog post here to hear her thoughts on this collaboration. It is true: there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving!! (although if you want to give me something, I won’t reject it and it will definitely make me happy too) So I got moving and figured out how to find that deserving couple out of so many out there. I turned to our social media channels, posted on message boards, I even stalked the profiles of those recently engaged couples (thank you hashtags) but it was all for a good purpose so I don’t feel bad. Then I just waited to see who would respond. I received quite a few but the timing for it was off or their significant other was out of the state which meant having to quarantine for two weeks and not having family being able to join at all.

Finally I had a message from Ellie, she said her brother in law was engaged and they lived in Brooklyn and she was sure they would love to have this opportunity. So she quickly connected me with them and that’s how we met Jon and Carrie. They were so sweet from the start and when they sent their picture on their email, I was so excited that they were just stunning! So I shared the idea with them and they were so grateful for even having an opportunity to have their wedding this year. Carrie mentioned they had had to postpone so many times and they had settled for getting married at the courthouse, which there was a waiting list for that. She had dreamed of having a summer wedding, so being able to have this celebration in August was just perfect for them. I was more than thrilled to have found a couple for this and a couple that was so loving, sweet and grateful and did I mentioned stunning!

There were quite a few adjustments and tuicks I had to make from the original plans, but I was able to maintain most of the original vendors as planned. The venue was The Brooklyn Winery, which I can’t say enough about how amazing they are and how thankful I was they were on board for this. The Brooklyn Winery is a full-event venue, so having a micro-wedding was something different for their space, and I was so excited and grateful they were willing to open up their stunning place for it. By the way, they are now open again and they are offering two new wedding packages specially designed for small celebrations for up to 50 guests!

Fast forward to the day. Myself and Jonnier, who was my right hand that day, showed up to the venue to start setting things up. My sister is usually with me for all our events, but she was unable to physically join me for this one, thanks covid! These few hours setting up was just so much fun, first because Jonnier is the best person to have on your team for anything, he always has me laughing so hard I have to stop what I’m doing and catch my breath and compose myself. And second because you start to see how the place starts to be transformed into something beautiful for our lovely couple. We started setting up the chuppah, Jon is Jewish and his brother was going to be officiating the ceremony from home in a different state. We made the florals to decorate the chuppah with the gorgeous blooms Stems Brooklyn provided for us, along with the gorgeous bouquet and boutonniere.

Once set up was completed and we were happy with the look, I started to slowly panic. We had to set up zoom for the guest that would be joining the couple at their celebration. Yes I have been using zoom since March this year, but I always get nervous on wedding day. Regardless of how prepared I am, I always get nerves, which is part excitement and part wanting everything to go as smoothly as possible for my couple. This time was different kind of nerves, I will confess I am not great with technology, sis always says grannies and kids know more than I do, and it’s true. I often have to google, youtube or just ask sis to help me figure things out when it comes to technology. So for weddings this year, my nerves were on hype, having to host ceremonies on a platform which to a certain extent I have no control over…breath in/breath out! But sis reminded me that we had done a rehearsal and it was all ready, oh did I mentioned she was my left hand on this one? She was connected remotely and allowed guests to join and help with the sound, Jonnier was cameraman and I was on the controls! I’m just going to go ahead and say it: We were such rockstars!!! Best team I could have asked for this wedding and we got the feedback to back this up!

I can keep narrating the rest of the day but instead why don’t you take a look at the beautiful pictures by Jenny Fu Studios. A picture truly is worth a thousand words…specially these from Jenny Fu Studios!


Venue: Brooklyn Winery | Photography: Jenny Fu Studios | Floral Design: Stems Brooklyn | Elopement Sign & Calligraphy Vows: Lace and Belle | Planning/Styling: Oh So Beautiful Events | Cake Designer: Pip N Bits | Hair and Makeup Artist: Bespoke Beauty Bridal.