Wedding Trends for 2021

Can I just start by saying I’m not mad at 2020…hold on let me explain why! I’m not mad at it because it really allowed us all to really bring into focus and perspective what is truly important. Which is having good health and those we love around us, wouldn’t you agree? 2020 has brought into focus what is the main reason we celebrate weddings: LOVE!

It’s because of that love that we see wedding moving forward but with a new style and flare, that I am all for it and honestly hope we keep doing from now on. Here are a few trends you can expect to see this year and if you are getting married this year that you can take inspiration from for your love celebration.

Micro Weddings

If you recall we talked about micro weddings sometime last year, as they started gaining more and more exposure. Well this year they are still one of the options many couples are choosing for their wedding day. A micro wedding, aka an intimate wedding with fewer than 50 guest, has many plus sided to this trend. It allows you to focus on who is attending, what is the vibe for your wedding and it allows you to really personalize it by being more personal and emotional with your planning.

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Weekday Weddings

A few years back you would have frown at the thought of a weekday wedding, but this year weekday wedding are having a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them. It allows you to choose a date with special meaning, not having to worry if it falls in the middle of the week. Also with many venues slimming down their available dates, it truly allows you to find your dream venue with your top group of vendors. Not to mention it’s a huge help to all of us in the wedding industry still having lovely couples like you moving forward regardless of what day it is.

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Adaptable Attire

This has been such an evolutionary trends this last year. Adaptability has been the focus when it comes to wedding attire. Brides are choosing separate pieces that can be worn different ways and that can be adapted for later to be worn at their sequel wedding if they choose to have one.

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This has been a big aspect of this new trend. As virtual celebrations are becoming more popular, couples are turning to digital invitations and save-the-dates. One of my favorite sites to create your wedding invitations is MInted.

Unexpected Venues

From family backyards, to camping grounds. You name it and it’s there as an option for your wedding. The beauty of this is being able to celebrate where you always dreamed of and with the closest people in your life. Embrace nature and get creative with what perhaps is right in front of you, or behind your home.

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Whether you are choosing to have a zoom wedding with friends and family joining in or an intimate, small wedding at your dream location with them by your side, don’t forget that what truly matters is who is right in front of you and who you get to share that special day with. Let love continue to win this year!