You Are Engaged, Now What?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! You must be overwhelmed with the excitement of the moment. So now that you said yes and are getting your nervous excitement under control, you might want to Instagram that new jewel of yours and post it on your story, but not that fast! Yes go ahead and take that picture and take a selfie but don’t post it just yet. Before you share your super exciting new over on social media and get tons of replies, here is what you need to do first.


Before you share your exciting new with everyone, take a moment to celebrate just between you and your fiancé. Go to your favorite place and grab a glass of bubbly or latte and take some time to take it all in and savor it all, before you get all caught up with wedding planning and all the questions that will come up, trust me it will get busy.


Whether you want to share it from the rooftops or keep it private for a while (which I can tell you it would be hard when you are this excited!) Make sure you call your parents first, tradition or not they will really appreciate being the first ones to hear your news. In person is always best, but if you are in another state or country try your best to find wifi and give them a facetime call and tell them your big news, then other family and friends. After that go ahead and post it all over social media and don’t forget to #ISaidYes!!


Go ahead and have a party!! Have your family and closest friends, if you are able to safely meet together and celebrate. If you are not able to have a small group together, don’t worry just set up a zoom call and virtually celebrate with as many as you like in the comfort of your home, but make sure you still dress up and show off your new jewel on that finger! Just remember that everyone who is invited to your engagement party should also be invited to the wedding, so plan this list wisely.


Have you been dreaming of your wedding since you were little? Or are you looking at wedding magazines for the first time? Take a moment to visualize what both of you would like your wedding day to be, what is the feeling you want to have and who you want to share it with. Creativity and flexibility is key when planning your wedding, think outside the box when it comes to venues and reception places.


Once you have a better idea of what you both want, make sure you discuss the budget and stick to it. Clearly discuss what you both want, what are your priorities and if your families will contribute towards it. Make sure this is all decided before you start making any decisions on anything else.

Have fun along the way and remember that planning should be part of the fun memories of this time. Remember that having a wedding planner helps to take the stress from you allowing you to enjoy and focus on personal details. So let’s meet up for coffee over zoom and lets talk wedding plans!